Slam on Apathy


Lack of all feeling or emotion

This I plea listen to my notion!

Impassiveness enslaves 

We the crowd intoxicated, like those at a rave. 


A numbness to the waters of sensibility and passion, 

Indifference breeds a stagnant fashion.

Suddenly, conformity trumps transformity

As Apathy reigns as the ultimate authority. 


Positive potential becomes wasted

Life's mural is quickly tainted.

Hope for a brighter future. Gone. 

As if there existed, a sunless breaking of dawn. 


Apathy is this contagious disease 

A venemous bite that plagues both you and me.

Consequentially comes the question of, "what's the cure?"

Well it begins with a kindling, a fire set astir. 


The spark; sacrificial love displayed

His redemptive work, our debt paid. 

Where the impossible is made possible 

A hope and identity realized, a generation unstoppable. 





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