In the Sky

Way up in the sky
above the towns, cities,
above the oceans, the country,
above the clouds,
the world ceases to trouble, concern,
stress, and hurt;
the world ceases to cry, shout,
and harry about.
There's a sound quiet,
blended with the most deafening background:
jet engines and rushing air.

The people are sleeping,
I hear them snore.
They carry no worries with them ,
not above the ground,
and so they rest.

And things seem to just be,
hanging in the balance,
suspended with every life here
in the arms of no one but God himself.
People forget these things,
people forget there's a God.

But out here,
up where the stars are,
up where it's hard to breathe,
up where there can be no mountains,
no trees,
Up here is as high as you go before you reach heaven.

And up here,
the world and all its things and creatures cease to matter.

Why is that?


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