Skool Bars

Bout to break it down,
Show ya'll the similarities...

Its school time, Its time to get skooled by this conceptual fool,
They told me to stay in school, I replied "why do you want me caged?"
So here's my synopsis of why were all slaves,
I just got in trouble so send me to the principle, 
You just got into a fight so send you to the warden,
For your disorderly conduct I'm giving you 2 days of in school suspension,
For your disrupting manner they giving you 2 days in solitary confinement,
And next time your gonna be suspended from school,
And you'll get sent to the hot box,
Single file lines are even similar, Keep quiet or the teacher/officer will
verbally diminish you,
Lunchtime, Everyone get on line grab a tray and find a seat,
A place to converse and meet or to start fights after ugly greets,
School security? Correctional officers? seems legit to me,
Looking out for my safety making sure I get to my class/cell safely,
Yard Time!!!! hmmm Recess!!!!, Come see me on the ball court,
Lemme group up with my peoples, Ain't nothing but yesterdays sequel,
Back inside, Time to come in,
Class time, Teach me things that won't last,
We call it math, reading, and history, 
They call it academic ed,
We call it electives, 
They call it vocational,
None teach about money handling and taxes,
What to do to so you don't go to jail, 
What to do to stay out of jail,
Other difference is that we go home and they don't
Oops, I forgot about boarding school,
Guess there's no real difference, And I just wanted you to see,
And you wonder why some don't care about going to jail,
It was already taught to us in our younger lives,
Please don't say jail is filled with dangerous guys and that's the 
major difference because I sat next to killers and gang bangers,
The only break you get is in study hall/tv area.


_Shaun Poet

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