Skipping Dinner


Most of my friends don't like to eat. I am forced learn this through tumblr posts and skipped pieces of pizza and a jarring lack of pictures of food uploaded to instagram. I keep hearing, "I don't like to eat anymore", and I am filled with guilt because I sneak food past my mother when she tells me, "You eat too much". Please don't be fooled, I have grown to accept that I take up more space than most girls and I tend to disagree with the statement, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" because food is the only thing keeping me happy anymore and skinny grinds like exposed bones. I still shield my stomach in the corner of the gym locker room because everyone else plays a sport. My awkward arms flailing as I try to catch something hurdling towards me, I will not cry when it hits me. I will NOT cry when it hits me. I fear for the kids in my classes with the imploding stomachs, folding over themselves filled only with the desire to be skinner. To break the bonds of the body their soul rests in. I will pester you until you eat something and no matter how much you want to do not rid yourself of dinner. Please eat some of my snack I do not need it. I will always get offended when you call yourself fat, not because I weigh 22 pounds more than you even though my doctor says I'm, "Perfect", I will be offended because no one should shrink themselves to fit into someone else’s life. Do not skip the pizza; do not pass on the birthday cake.

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My community
My country
Our world


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