Can I strip you of the skin you're in?

Deep inside lies your value,  but you're veiled by the things you're in.

Sinking so deep in materialistic objects, your soul's lost its balance.

So out of touch with yourself, but connected by the hair, nails, & cosmetics that your blinded by the idea to fabricate, enhance & formulate against your genetics.

Indulge in your aesthetics, please.  

Praying that if you remove your jeans, you will respect that your genes contain all of you that you will ever need.

The priceless, worthless shirts only reveal how well you've covered your worth.

I would love to help you realize that your eyes are a prized possession, your skin is that of a queen, your body embodies progression, so why not live in the skin you are in and not the mask you put on display?  


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