Skin Grafts

My mask is not so much

Paint, plastic, plaster

As a skin graft

It is not, like so many others

Meant to fool others

But meant to become a part of me

I do not mean it to hide me

I mean it to change me

To make me better

In my heart I am not always kind

But I act kind

And hope and pray to become so

I am impatient, but I take a breath

Tighten my mask

Choose to be patient

I wish to lash out, but that is not my role

So I stop and pray, pray

That I will become as gentle as my role in time

You see, my actions reflect on someone

Someone more than me

And I refuse to bring shame to him

While my actions may be from me

They represent him to others

And I don’t want to push them away

So pay no mind to the child wearing the mask

She’s still under construction

I’m working on her

Look instead at the mask, or the mask’s intent

Observe its craftsmanship

And search for the mark of the Master


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