Society tells me I don't fit in.

Where will I go, where will i blend?

When will they learn, 

That I'm just like them?

So I'm turning my back, 

letting no one in.


Society tells me I am who i am,

How do I know? Where will I stand?

Because I am brown,

No one thinks I am strong.

I’ve been trying to change myself 

For far too long.


But to look like you

I just couldn’t do,

And now I am comfortable 

In my own skin. 

You can’t tell me 

that I don’t fit in.


I’ve cried for too long 

Over what YOU thought 

Thought I was different 

And that broke my heart 


Then I remembered our veins are all blue,

Stick us with needles,

We all bleed through.


A punch in the face 

We both turn black and blue.

There is no difference between the two,


Except for the ignorance 

you choose to sell

Towards me and my mother, 

She’s been through hell.


And The Hate U Give 

Towards my father and brother.

Why can’t we just learn to 

Love one another?


But just cause Im different,

Different to you,

Doesn’t mean I can’t be beautiful too.


My hair and my face,

And the way that I dress, 

The way my skin changes 

In the sun more or less, 

Never thought I‘d be 

So proud and so blessed.

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My family
Our world
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