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Why are we fighting?
Why are we fighting with each other everyday for the same rights we all deserve?
Why don’t we realize that we are all the same.
That this world is an illusion. A fucked up illusion. Everything we see here is the creation of god. We are just actors playing our roles.
Under this skin we are all the same. Even if you are gay, deaf, blind, straight, disabled, mental.. we are all the same
Why are we classified by the color of our skin? Why are we classified by our sexual orientation? Why are we classified by our race? Why are we classified by our disabilities?
There are so many questions,
But the answers are so cruel, that I wish I can tear my ears apart so I can stay away from the lies we call truth.
This skin is nothing but skin,
If we tear this skin apart all we will see is crimson blood puncturing itself gracefully as its running away from the body.
Slowly enervating the corpse.
Turning the carcass from a grape to a raisin.
Slowly scavengers will devour the corpse, satisfying their yearning for the cadaver
Until there is nothing left
But a pool of cold blood and a pile of bones. Then we will see there is nothing different amongst us
We are all the same.
We are all human beings.
Killing each other day by day
Because we don’t realize we are all the
Normal human beings.



I love your poem. You are speaking the truth and keeping it real. You are addressing a important issue that people seem not to care about.


i like this poem alot.

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