Skies So Colorful

She may have broken

Into a million pieces

But that doesn't mean

She isn't happy with

How it all ended


Her Skies are colored with

Shades of Gold and Red

Clouds laced with silver swirling overhead

With every experience she has had

There was something worthwhile

Making the sky just a bit more colorful


She still loves every friend she has ever had

Remembering every single one

Each of the memories holding a place in her heart

Smiling and hoping they are doing well

She never resented any of them for leaving

They are all still good friends to her

And they would always be no matter what


Even if she was merely a stepping stone

She would gladly be there to help them

Get across the river they needed to cross.

As they left her, she only hoped they were content

And not as broken as they were 

Before they had crossed that river

As long as they were happy

She was happy


This was the life she lived

Finding the broken hearted

And helping them get across a river

They weren't able to cross on their own

Then she would let them go

After she helped them on their way


She wouldn’t change a thing if she could.

Helping these people find something better

Than they previously had

Was what made her happy.

Nothing could ever take that feeling away.

So no, she wouldn’t change a single thing

This was her job after all

Helping the broken find a place

Where they could finally smile without faking it


Once they have all found a place

Where their heart can stay

She will finally back away.

That worn stepping stone 

With Skies so colorful above it

Will finally let the river overtake it


Annette M Velasquez

Poignant, powerful and an emotional, honest message. Admitably, the opening lines were a bit cliched" broken into a million pieces" is overused... But, then you moved into gorgeous, unique language and vibrant imagery. Overall, the poem is nicely written, thought- provoking and shows skillful technique.

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