What is faith if you feel a little skeptical?

Surrounded by Christians your whole life.

Now your mind is doing opposite verticals.

Pressured to believe in something i don't even see.

Atheist ,non believe ? No that would never be me.

But my thoughts are running frantically.

For i lost my soul by gaining the world.

Mark my words , I'm just a simple girl.

Complications of religions. 

Agonizing thoughts had brought me in a fetal curl.

For God , I see you but God do you see me?

Is my declining faith becoming a permanent injury?

A person told me to have a priest pray on me

But i don't believe in a man molesting me.

Honestly between you and me.

Religion itself was never meant anything to me.

Maybe i'm too liberally blind to see that the devil is really controlling me.


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