skeletons in his closet


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Skeletons in his closet

Sticks and stones may break my bones but skeletons will always constrain me to be insecure ,pierce into what was pure
Skeletons in his closet cut so deep
I'm now a descendent of Icarus, flying to close to the heat
What's our relationship's body w/o the skeletons in his closet
how did we manage to build trust,friendship, and lust without bones to rest our Angelic dusts .. On
Done trying to search
for the easiest way to look like I havent been hurting
Sticks and stones make break my bones but skeletons will always hurt me
I am Disgusted
try swallowing a porcupine , pretending it's gum
Swallowing how this situation happened to CUM about.
swallowing pills after inking pride on their chests
Because what else did you expect, after I heard that her sea of red (hair)swam on the same sheets you ,Moses,spread my legs
Why did you fail to mention that she was once one of your ribs?
I know you are sitting there Rolling your eyes , thinking I'll find comfort again, but this shit lingers on me like smell of hot sex in a room instead.
Typical, troubled, & yet love able , I knew you were but this made it tangable
I try to tell myself that there is no relationship without relation shits but this won't sit inside me anymore.
Agony crawls into my skin, guess it interlocked when your bone was in
"we were only friends" can't believe I was the only one that believed , you made me so stupid , so fucking naive.
So now when I swing away at insecurities, naive is all i Persieve myself to be.
Rome wasn't built in one day but it crumbles instantly this way.
I am a fucking idiot for letting you in, my closet of raggedy limbs,
Was your "I do" suppose to taste like human ash or were you gunna carry this until you lay 6ft under #sorrynotsorry (hash tag)
Crazy how the truth can mold every thing else into feeling like a lie
Ironic how this discovery happens now, the first 2 days of allowing my mental bruises to nose dive into the sheets we lay Between, oblivious to how she stared at the same closet while you fucked her bones in ..
I got a bone to pick with you
Not like the one you sticked into , but a "fuck you" to her face being tattooed into memory , situational reveries.
the idea of hugging you impels me to cringe,
I think about how you made her curl her toes, arch her back, and flinch.
See and now that we're pulling skeletons out the closet like its Halloween decoration time, I'm not gunna hide , the taste of the conversation we delved into, the feelings this rhyme gives you is shit to how I can no longer be held.& then you wonder as to why I don't have the courage to be alone with my thoughts. It's because my jaw locks in What really is pressed into the basement of my eyelids when my " tired tears" stream their way onto your promiscuous pillow. That Nile streams with more than tired.
yup exactly what is was
Cus now I refuse to cry I rather Cus Infront of you.
What's a poem with no resolution you say? Its my fucking problem behind a museum glass, its on display,
At the end of the day baby, sticks and stones may break my bones and skeletons .. Will always hurt me.


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