Six Grade Science

Six grade science, torture, boring

Six grade science, one hour of nothing


Not nothing, everything


Six grade science

A pencil, some paper

I began to draw

First it was dragons, then scary creatures

Soon I was not just drawing...


I was writing


It started with fairies

I would write stories,

Creating whole species and cultures

And little fairies with names and lives

There was romance and betrayal

I would write and I would draw what I wrote


I loved writing


I wrote countless stories

I never finished a single one,

But I remember every plot and every character

And then I discovered poetry,

I had always known about rhyming and verses

But I could never find the words

And now I know that rhyming doesn't matter

All that mattered was the words

I had to work a little to make the rhythm work

But now I could really write


I am a writer


I love stories and characters

But chills run down my spine when I write poetry

I was able to pour my heart and soul

Into each and every poem that I wrote

I was able to talk to people

About things I had kept inside for years

Writing brought me back from the edge

Not just my beloved characters

But the poems that gave me hope

Hope that someone would listen to me

Because I was finally able to speak

What my heart was trying to say

And people listened to me

They hung onto every word

They were there for me

And they loved me

Because I could finally speak


I am me

I am a writer

I am a poet

I am me


Six grade science changed my life

I had no idea what career I wanted

The only thing I was good at was school

But I hated school

Because of six grade science

I discovered my true love


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