Six Days

Six days a week, what can I say?

Four to work and two for play?

Three Hundred and thirteen days a year might be bad luck

But don't be awestruck

Because leap years will have three hundred and twelve

So take out a pen and let use delve

Into the wonderless world of basic math

So that I can take you down an illuminating path

Here we go, 312 days in a leap year

If you add 3 plus 1 plus 2 it is clear

That the magic number you get is 6

So go be useful and pick up some sticks

The fires about to die

He didn't "let there be light"...why?


Seriously, a world without Mondays cannot be

Imagine a world without a clear sky and blue sea

Mondays allow lazy people to be productive

Well, at least a little more constructive.


What would I do with myself

Hey, that shelf isn't gonna make itself

Here I am on a Tuesday

Thinking that the weekend just ended

I have an exam tomorrow and am in dismay

I wish the week was extended


Its Wednesday and the exam just finished

I am exhausted and need some sleep

My week and soul are both dimished

Time to go count some sheep


Off goes the alarm

Like a thundercloud in my head

As if a hammer is playing chopsticks with a firearm

Its too early to get out of bed


Thursday as it were

Is probably the worst

I need a hard liqueur

I think this day should be curst


Another miserable day at school

A new exam on Tuesday and a paper due next week

On how to use a mule to get a joule

Don't ask me, I think the teacher's a freak


Okay, Friday is finally here

Party now and paper later

Now watch me make that bag of chips disappear

Don't be a food hater


Ugh, I ate too much

It's Saturday and I still got that paper to write

What's that smell? Penuche?!

Nothing better than writing a paper with some fudgy delight


Okay, it is 8:30PM and not a word put down

No more procrastinating

Don't want to be a clown

Why am I still waiting?


Let's do this!

Using a mule to get a joule of energy

Step one: get the mule to move in kinesis

By feeding the mule some celery


The end...that wasn't so bad.

Time for a shower and a nap

Maybe a show about Stalingrad

I gently close my eyes and then SLAP!


"Wake up, you're late"

"But mom, it's only Sunday."

"What are you talking about? It's half past 8."

"Let me just sleep in today."


And so I slept in

Good thing exam isn't till Tuesday.

A whole 24 hours to begin

Studying about a battle called Midway.


Crack a peek at the clock

It read a quarter past 7

Oh shit, what a crock!

My exam is today! At 11!


I wouldn't care about the work

But geez, I wish I had another day.

It truly is not a perk

To live in a world with Monday.


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