She was perfect and I wasn't that's why her heart got broken, the relationship has drowned but the love is still floatin, and I'm hopin that us is in God's will and he'll dive in and save our ship of relations. We trust in him keep faith and we're at ease with our patience. We don't know who or what we want so we're going on a field trip to play the field,
no strings attached, no checking in, only free time and free will. We're weak, so we settle for whoever comes next, and everyday we mentally visit our grave to pay our respects, we beat ourselves up over fuck ups and regrets, and I'll always compare her to whoever comes next. We text and get advice about our current relationships, and talk about trying to move forward in our situationship. About how to deal with this and that and other dating tips. About how bad their sex is calling them the worst. How you'll never forget our first-time, because I was your first. About how our first kiss was on the 4th as the fireworks burst. About how we miss our fun times, happiness and bliss, how she wishes to kiss me and that I'm on her wishlist. About how I miss hearing I love you, just because I know you meant it. About how stupid I was for creeping in the night of the city, how sorry I am, and every night I wish you were with me
and despite our current love
I keep hoping that one day you'll you'll show up at my door, saying you forgive me

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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