Sitting and Looking

I sit and look out upon a fragile nation that was once founded as a place for equality for it’s now a place that breeds hatred, I hear the cries for comfort as cancer effortlessly extracts hopeless souls, I see people so poor all they have is money, I see love being the most powerful phenomenon one can imagine yet a deadly element, I see the community I reside in and the communities in third world countries and wonder when society became so famished for aid, I mark my footprints at Cy Woods by attempting to touch lives of those I encounter on a daily basis, I see people achieving extremities by committing to education, I see perfection slowly but surely becoming an incurable disease, I see people with never ending bruises causes by even the simplest actions and words, I observe the cross between heaven and hell in peoples characteristics, I observe the hardships that lie awake in people’s minds at night, I observe people drinking as if the world was drawing near; All these—triumphs and tragedy and yet I sit looking out upon, See, hear and am silent.

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