Sit in your seat


Ring, ring, ring, the damn tardy bell rings. Sit in your seat or I’m marking you tardy. The words of my 9th grade English teacher still rings in my ear. The bells, the yells, all working on my last nerve. Who was she to tell me what I deserved. Scratching the board with her devil claws, screeching noises were heard from a far. If it was up to me I would expel her from this school, for all the cruel unusual things she liked to do. Don’t tell me I wont make it; don’t tell me I won’t succeed. You haven’t even come far yourself Mrs. teaching the 9th grade. No one cares about Shakespeare or the Hobbit at least. Romeo, Romeo where for out thou Romeo, come and get this witch from the classroom on the second floor. I didn’t want to learn anything about punctuation I only really wanted to talk about the real troubles of this nation. The things I wanted to learn she rather never cared to hear. This witch and her spell she cast over my 9th grade year. Curse and I hope she retires real soon If I ever got the chance to watch her fly out the window on her broom, id jump in joy and scream and weep. This witch is dead now everyone get to your seat !

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