1. Invitation: me

come talk with me, here on this couch

among the homey smell of memories and pictures on the wall

i have grown over the years while we continue to drift

treading on the heartache, on the sea of loneliness

let us forgive, let us relive


2. as for myself: you


you look up to me, for i am the oldest

you are younger than me

so, i am a representation of you

you develop your own understanding as each year passes

am I at fault?


3. in my own defense: me

Less Woman More Girl, Less Spiteful More alone

how am i to come to an understanding?

watching myself be replaced

how am I to feel?


4.” One of two”: you

tell me, tell me why

disconnect and words of hate

to ask you to explain would be another blow to the chest

you were someone to look to, to love, to know

where do we go to forgive?


This poem is about: 
My family
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