It seems as if she’s fine
Beautifully beautiful in every way shape and form
Her smile lights up the world as if god turned on the heavens
Well at least when she shows it

Baggy clothes cover her skin, which covers the bruises, which covers her childhood
I’ve never seen someone so gorgeous while being black and blue
The only white left is those teeth which aren’t shown since few months back
We watch her walk home, knowing what she has coming
I want to tell her to stop, I won’t, she keeps walking
I know better, I don’t return home

Never in class anymore, always analyzed and questioned
With the honest remarks that she’ll leave unanswered
Rude comments fill the empty space
“She’s so quiet and weird”
She’s not quite and weird, she’s fascinating
I can see her wings; they’re that of an angel


She’s dying
She wants more than anything not revenge but answers
Why is she the lucky one that not only has it rough at home but every where
Not literally and literally she can’t take it
Hate is the word for it, he’s a monster
A dad is supposed to be there for you, so where is he
And when he isn’t he has a got a belt in his hand
Used too many times
She lost count at twenty

As the back gets slashed for no reason
The cries reside and the belt continues
She doesn’t scream, no tears
She asks simply what she had done to deserve this
Nothing, she knows the answer already
He wont stop
Never does until he’s satisfied
He’s not satisfied

She needs help,
But can’t ask for it
She’ll get beaten worse than the last
The last was an hour long
She’d never seen a doll or heard of a Barbie
She did know of a leather buckle belt

On the way home she passes a park
Children with their dad pushing them on the swing
Her dad does the same thing, well pushes her
She wonders where was my park time
Where was my childhood
It was stabbed in the back by an evil
Drunk man who wasn’t a dad when she looked at him
The Devil
Tonight is a bad night for the devil


Where is she
It’s been two long weeks, and I haven’t seen her
She could be sick, but there was no calls
Her desk was empty
No lonely girls on the playground today
Or any day lately
I don’t see her walk home
I ask the teacher, she shakes her head
Ignoring the important question I asked
Like most people do
They ignore the important things in life until they go back to look for them
And they are gone
Completely gone
I look out the window in disbelief
She must have moved

Days later, daydreaming during a lecture
The grass is beautifully green and a rainbow fading in the background
Sun is out
Angel wings
As beautiful as the day I was experiencing
She’s been lifted
That smile is all I can see, glowing, nearly blinding me
She definitely had moved, I thought
She went north
North until the ground met the heavens
And the humble hand reached down and grasped her into love
She hadn’t felt that
She needed that
I needed that moment
My sister, an angel
Dad is still the Satin of the real world
Drunk and lost
She is found

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