Sirens. Dropped Teddy Bear. Whispered Promises. - An Original Poem By Evelynn Lammlin

This is chronologically our world’s end

A disaster of cause and effect, resentment

Bankrupt, Termination, Depression,

Little ones screaming for their guardians

Parents whisper promises of optimism

Waiting, running from the nightmare

Stuffed bears feel dry - charred

Nonbelievers- praying for forgiveness,

Lovers tearful- Saying so long,

People struggling to apologize,

Everybody accepting their fate,

But what is after the End?

Unknown -

A lustful kiss, trusting one’s own God,

The departed teddy bears will be missed,

If only we could start anew

Death relinquishes me. I welcome you with open arms,

We have walked this miserable Earth a thousand times,

But never again my friends,

For the end is here


This poem is about: 
Our world


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