The Siren

   There she is, thy majestic siren whose allowing gaze drags the sea man forth. To thee does he fall in unparallel emotion, the heart that reeks of putrefied lust. A beautiful creature but no less powerful than the devil himself. She is cunning yet the aura of Venus surrounds her. Oh my poor seaman, have you not learned? For thy is evil incarnate, an incubus in disguise. You go to bed dreaming, grinning, waiting for thy to be yours. My dear seaman, when will you wake up? for she is nothing but danger, the mistress of doom. The ends of time are near and your downfall is upon you. I hope you knew that I loved thee once, loved thee with all the choirs of heaven, but you ran, ran for the demon with red lips. There, right there, thy majestic siren lies in wait, waiting for her next victim.

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