Sink Me

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 02:53 -- jtrudes

I get it

No really, I get it, I swear

It’s fun to let go and drink away all your cares

I can’t say I haven’t -

I’ve been there, done that

Poured, slammed, chased, and laughed

It’s all fun and games ‘til your vision goes black


It’s all fun and games, until the next mornin’,

Suddenly you’re regretting consuming all that poison,

Questioning the validity of all your choices,

Hoping you didn’t do what you know you should’ve avoided


There’s a certain kind of helplessness

In not remembering a thing

Like, wait – I did that?

Man, I’m sorry, that wasn’t me!


It was the alcohol talking and fueling that fire

Three, four, five shots until I got higher

 My demons came out

After 6 they got wild

Now I stare at my clothes as they sit in a pile

Wondering when I grew up

Stopped being a child

Wondering who I’ve become

On my face, where’s that smile?


It wasn’t there before,

But it’s still not there now

Demon you tricked me

Demon you slipped me

A temporary high that’s done nothing but



Hey Demon

What are you gonna do

When I won’t lift that cup

I won’t take a shot

I won’t bottoms up

I won’t drink – I’ll just stop.


“I don’t drink”

“You don’t drink?”

“I don’t drink, is something wrong?”

“Nah, man. Good for you. I wish I was that strong.”


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