Single Women Have It Together


In my house, a woman actually has a voice.

We have a goddamned choice, and we even have poise.  

Not one man present to cause any noise.

No testosterone, no sign of any boys.


Mom and I, we can mow the lawn, fix a sink

Chug a drink. What else? Let me think.

We can still be coy and give you a stare, a wink.

But we’re more than just that wrapped in pink.


“But you’re just women, aren’t you afraid to be alone?”

In a concerned tone, what we always hear on the phone.

Yes we’re women, that’s why we’re warriors, this should be known.

We have our bats, and never hold a single fear in any bone.


Yeah, mom and I, we breathe-speak baseball, I must confess.

Would you have even guessed? Do you really wanna test?

Infield fly rule. Sac-flies. AAA .Forced outs. ERAs.  Ok I’ll give it a rest

Oh, we also know the stats of every team, Central, East and West.


And of course we can cook and clean as expected.

But we also have a say on who gets elected, is that objected?

When we were left on our own, we couldn’t be let affected.

We had to make do. It’s what we’ve accepted.


Let’s rewind, when I was about eight, maybe seven

She said to me “Let’s go Devyn,” her tone, attempting to leaven.

We sold what we could, packed what we couldn't, and left at eleven.

800 square feet of a rundown house was not my idea of heaven.


I have another vague memory, it’s not too fond:

We had no water for 3 months, maybe beyond. Jealous of a pond,

But then for a moment, clarity on me was dawned.

We would figure this out and it would help form a tighter bond.


Years later, mom told me I should leave the house at seventeen

She was very keen, insisting I be the first on her side to earn a degree,

And because of this, because of her; I’m on my way, it can be seen.

I live and I work like a peasant, but I think like a Queen.


My mother did it on her own, she didn’t need a penny of aid.

Despite being poorly paid, with no man to have ever stayed.

She taught me how to never let a person make you afraid

And from now until I die, in her image, I am made.


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