A Single Winter's Frost

I am the uninvited guest at a party in December.

I find my place in the corner

and trace over windowpanes with my fingertips. 

My limbs spread,

the shimmery whiteness growing greater and greater.

however I still go unnoticed by those in the night. 

I shan't be seen till morning

when the sun's shining rays illuminate my opaque arms.

I glow like a pearl in the day,

until I melt away. 


I am am the winter frost, that comes in darkness

and disappears without a trace.

I go unnoticed when I arrive; 

I am the last to leave the celebration. 

No one knows of my presence

until I am shown in morning's light. 

Only some see my beauty:

my sharp edges, the vast expanses I encover.

but that does not make me less beautiful.


I have never met another like me.

I don't know what we'd do if I did.

Perhaps sketch pictures on a frozen lake.

maybe we'd simply paint 

separate windows at the same party. 

I'll never know though, 

for I am one of a kind. 

To you, I might just be a nuisance

covering your windshield on a blistering cold morning. 

But everything has beauty, and, much like me,

everything has beauty. 





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