The Singing Theif


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The man woke up, in the middle of the night.
He had a bad feeling, that something wasn't right.
He reached under his bed, and pulled out his bat.
He knew he'd heard something, hopefully just a rat.
As he crept out of bed, he made not a sound.
He still remained silent, as he covered more ground.
He creaked open his door, and slid on through.
If there was an intruder, he knew what to do.
He heard a clash, and a slightly muffled curse.
He felt bad for this man about to leave in a hurse.
As he rounded the corner, quite a curious thing,
he realized his thief, had begun to sing.
The long melodic notes, rang in his ears,
the notes seemed to last, thousands of years.
With no fight in him left, the man dropped his bat,
the thief whipped around the corner, and then tipped his hat.
The man tried to move, but his body wouldn't agree,
a few moments later, he realized he couldn't even breathe!
The thief smiled slyly, then sang a sweet jingle,
immediately after, the man's lungs began to tingle.
Air quickly flowed in, allowing him to gasp.
The thief made a quick move and put a gun to his head,
and then told the man, he was lucky he wasn't dead.
"Hello Sir, now obviously I'm a thief,
but to you those words, should be a relief.
I could have been a killer, and now you wouldn't be here,
but now your family doesn't have to shed a single tear.
I'll take what I want, and that will be it,
it's better to lose that, than one of your kids."
The thief spun around, and got back to his job.
All the man could do, was let out a quick sob.
The man was scared of the thieving man's voice,
his fear made him cry out, at every little noise.
The man tried to think of a way to describe him,
so the police could find him, arrest him, and try him.
The man's mind went blank,
as all of his thoughts sank,
into a place in his mind,
that the man couldn't find.
About ten minutes later, the thief came back,
with a bag on his shoulder, that looked like Santa's sack.
He wore a black cape, the man now found,
with so long a drape, it almost touched the ground.
A gentleman's hat, lay atop his head,
with a flowing stripe, that looked blood red.
"In case you were wondering," said the thief with a smile,
"My name is Cary Shay, and I've been hiding a while.
When I was 23 I was framed for theft,
so I packed some clothes, got a gun, and left.
After about a year, I figured what the hell,
I tried my hand at thieving, and it fit me very well.
I traveled with a band, called the thieving aces,
they taught me how to sing, and took me places.
We did a few gigs, and they all went great,
and my voice put the fans, in a hypnotic state.
When I found I had this talent, I developed it all the way,
to the point that I would get people to do whatever I say.
In the middle of concerts, I'd make everyone give us cash,
then we'd collect all the money, load our trucks, and dash.
After a while, the band got boring,
so I went solo, and business went soaring!
I walked into banks, and sang a few melodies,
two years later, I've got twenty-three felonies!
I have twenty-five disguises, and none are even known,
I always have a place to hide, from the twenty houses I own.
So I thank the man who framed me to him I am very much in debt.
Which is why, from the people I've robbed, you're the luckiest yet!
Your father's name was Henry, but now he's dead and done,
and I believe it was him who framed me, and now I look at his son.
In this bag are not your things, it's actually three-million dollars,
and if you need more, don't be afraid, just shout or give me a holler.
I thank your father over and over for the wondrous thing he did,
so when I found he had died I decided to repay his kid."
The man's face was lost in awe, he was stolen from his speech,
so far away seemed his words, there were none that he could reach.
Cary Shay hummed a note, and the man found he had motion,
but to the man, it felt as if, he was standing in an ocean.
This caused him to be dizzy, and he began to fall down,
but Cary Shay caught the man, before he hit the ground.
"I must be on my way now, but please Sir do not forget,
if you ever need anything, shouting my name is your best bet.
I can hear my name from anywhere, it doesn't matter how far,
so shout my name three times in a row and I shall come to where you are."
With that the thief named Cary Shay walked out the man's back door,
and the man was the luckiest victim yet, of that he was entirely sure.



I really like this! I didn't know what was going to happen next! The twist at the end was awesome!

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