to sing

i sing to win

i sing to die

i sing to live

i sing to fee;


i want to feel something


i dont care

i just want to feel


nothing matters

i sing to express my hate

my love

my fear


i sing to hide

i sing to be alive

i sing to forget

i sing to remember


i wish to say i sing for you

but i dont

i sing for myself

and myself alone


nobody hears my words

my silent plea

nobody hears

the pain i bear


nobody hears the words of beauty

of hurt of sorrow of fear

nobody hears them

nobody but me


i ask nothing of you

but this....

this one thing

please listen


listen to the words i say

but listen to the words i dont

listen between the lines

for the true horrible meaning


i meaning things i cant say

i mean things in my words

but most importantly of all

i mean things in the tune


i may not say words


when i sing

but i feel them


the music is supposed to make

you feel

feel something



so listen

to the music

to the words

and feel



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