You’re the sweetest melody playing within. The thumpy-thump in the midst of my heart. The soothing, mellow tune lulling me to sleep While I lie quietly, still, listening in the dark.


You’re the high-sounding cymbals Attentively being heard within my inner ear. The gracefulness in my feet, graciously allowing me To dance triumphantly above all my fears.


You’re the psaltery, the harp, the clap in my hands, The praise consuming my voice! An abundant melody.

 The music singing aloud from the depths my soul! My joyful noise, my symphony!


A vocalist? Musically endowed?

No! Definitely! That is not my thing!

But because thy love is as chimes blown by the wind, More delicate

 than the strings being played on the violin,

 I just had to make this poem sing.



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