Sincerely, Me

Fri, 06/27/2014 - 16:51 -- drobl38

You there, in your room

I know why you're in a gloom

You think you aren't good enough

You think your all was not enough

Don't worry; I'm here to set things right

I'm here now to clear up this night


You act so violent to cover your fear

You spend sleepless nights wondering why you're here

You think that all blame is for you to take

You think about it until your heart starts to ache

You get so caught up inside of yourself

I'm here to tell you to get over yourself


The world doesn't revolve around you

Everything that happens isn't because of you

Sometimes things just happen out of the blue

Just remember that and you'll know what to do

I know better now, but I was once there, too

I know you'll get through because I was once you


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