Sincerely, A high school student

Dear America,


Last Monday was one of those really long mornings.

My bed didn’t want to detach,

my hair looked a mess,

and I missed the bus.


My mind went crazy thinking of all the consequences.

What about my attendance,

my tests,

my assignments that wouldn’t be turned in?


I sat at the bus stop and began to think

and stress.

Then I realized,

high school doesn’t matter.


It doesn't matter one year from now

if I missed the bus.

It doesn't matter if I forgot one homework assignment at home.

It doesn't matter if I missed a day because I was sick.

It doesn't matter if that one girl in the hallway called me ugly.

People don't tell you that though!


When I started high school,

I was told “responsibility is key” and

“you have to find who you want to be immediately.”

“You have to take things serious and

be smart with your decisions” and

“ if you mess up,

make a list of all the revisions you will make to yourself.”


But this shit isn't serious!

High school IS for learning and

it IS for me to find who I want to be but,

it is also where “IDK” is no longer an acceptable possibility.


I want to find me on my own terms.

And I want to say “IDK”.

And I can,

because when you're 15 or 16,

You'll think this way.


My parents didn't have to worry about all this back then.

Today, the lazy think of all the education rules to bend and

we suffer.


Expectations are suffocating me and so many others.

We are trying to please

our teachers, mothers and fathers.

Does anyone see that there is something wrong?


It is sick.


I am tired,

but not the type of tired a weekend of homework can fix.


Expectations are suffocating me.





I sat at the bus stop,

looked down and

picked my head right back up and smiled.

I deserve

a REAL day off.

I am tired,

and I’m damn glad

I missed the bus.



A high school student



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