sincerely, the future

dear present,


i am the target of a thousand arrows.

the bullseye for a thousand knives.

the dartboard for a thousand hateful words.

and every one of these things leaves damage by the thousands.


and i cry a thousand meaningless tears

to try and cope with the thousands of problems i do not understand


i close my eyes.

and for a thousandth of a second,

i see the lightning dance.

this powerful, beautiful bolt leaving destruction and awe.

this blade of light piercing my body.


and for a thousandth of a minute, it's all okay

and these thousands of problems don't hurt so much.

and for a thousandth of a second, i don't fear.

and for a thousandth of a millisecond, i can breathe.


i open my eyes to face the thousands.

and i feel nothing.

completely empty.

except for a flash of electricity in my heart.

except for a sudden surge of energy in my mind.


and it only lasts for a thousandth of a billionth of a second.  

but i can feel it, the storm within.

and it's coming.

in a thousand minutes.

in a thousand hours.

in a thousand days.


i don't know when, but it's coming.

and you can either be the damage or watch in awe.

and so i wait.

and i close my eyes.


and for a thousandth of a second,

i can feel the lightning within me dance.


until then,

the future


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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