The Sin-Caster


I saw you who was myself

Slightly old and dimpled faced

With an olive sack and pen at hand


I saw your magic in the night

Stir the bones of the ancient ones

Scarred with blood stained eyes

Dark as the fury in their hearts 


I saw you spread your wings 

As far as the ends of the world

As far as the deepths of the sea

As bright as the moons shadow 


I saw you fly the lengths of fields

Far as the fingers of providence 

Far as the mounds we call hills

Far from grasp of humankind


I saw you dip into your sack

Scattering dreams where they may

As the fey do underneath a full moon

Through the enchanted forest that laid ahead

Underneath the canopy of oaks and pines

To the gate that holds the truth

For the truth lies within a golden key

That was forever lost in the flow of time


I saw the key that holds the world

I saw the you who was myslef

I saw the emptiness engulf the sun

I saw the dreams disapear into the dark

I saw the glow your wings did show

I saw the sins that you invoked

I saw the truth that was no more


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