Simply Me

In your boxes I don’t fit,

You can’t force me to mold.

My life is more than just a skit,

A great story untold


Without your petty definitions,

I’m simply a girl on a mission


Big dreams for this world, I have in sight,

But I’m just a girl who likes to write.


Geek and nerd may be what you see,

Free-spirited and beautiful is really me.


A girl who knows just what she needs,

Strong cups of tea and books to read.


One simple life a have to live,

More than simple, what I have to give.


Outpourings of love for those unseen,

My life is more than just routine.


Without the mask, with skin stripped bare,

The world can see how much I care.


One thing I know to be true is this:

When set free from limits, life’s purely bliss.


With no weight to bare, on shoulders small,

I am a girl who stands very tall.


At five foot one and just a smidge,

Every experience leaves me enriched.


Free from the confines of who I’m told to be,

I can finally say, I’m simply me

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