I compose poems not only for the versed and fluent.
There are many less intelligent readers who like poetry.

Why should I write complicated and confusing terms?
Simplicity is the best thing for a wider audience.

I’m not concealing anything in my compositions.
My poetry isn’t mysterious writing or crossword puzzle.

Every author has his or her own style of penning.
Some tell fictional stories and non-fiction, others rhyme.

My poetry doesn’t resemble 1st century writings.
I’m a poet of the 21st century with a vivid imagination.

I write plainly and intelligibly, not mumbo jumbo,
So the average persons can apprehend the lines.

Frankly, I’m not Shakespeare, I live in modern times.
I don’t speak and write the way ancient people did.

Whether you agree with me or not, it’s up to you.
I really don’t mind what people say about my poems.

You won’t need an expert in cryptic manuscripts;
Anybody can decipher the poems that I compose.


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