A simple life


A sea breeze gently pushes her ahead
Making the old wood creak.
I can almost feel the framework straining underneath my feet.
On the same wind, an osprey rips past,
Skimming over the water I so love
And am terrified of at the same time.
Those depths holding unknown things.
Frightening things.
Unimaginable things.
The sun's rays are not so strong.
Winter's chill has beaten them away.
No sweat is on my cheek, but my hair is salty as always.
Goosebumps from the cold are noticeable from a distance.
I am not wearing a jacket.
I never do.
A hardened sailor, that is my praise
For steering my inheritance, the family's pride and glory.
It's a slow process on days like this.
With little wind and little company other than on board.
Time is drawn out as the year loses what few days it has left.
More details can be noticed at the slower pace.
This beauty of simplicity is much preferable
Rather than the excitement of momentum.


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