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Cross my palm with silver and I'll tell you who you are.
I'll look beyond the day to day, and study just the scars.
I'll open up your eyes and reveal your inner self.
I'll make you face the bits of you you place upon a shelf.
My words though brief will compel you, and no doubt you'll try denial
But piece by piece I'll work you out as though you we're on trial.
I promise no great fortune or a quick fix for your life
I can't see winning numbers or who will be your wife.
I cannot fix your finances or mend a broken heart
I can only help you face yourself and get you on your mark
I cannot read your mind exactly, your thoughts are still your own
But each time you try to hide them, you give them space to grow.
They leave a trail of energy, like Braille across your being
It's all about your frequency more than the actual seeing.
So we all become surrounded by a veil of information
That some , like me, can understand and read in conversation.
You are more than what you show the world, you are more than you believe,
You have so much more potential, so much greatness to achieve.
But we hide behind a shadow of who we think we ought to be
And over time we lose ourselves to pain and misery.
It's time those walls came down now, put your trust in something new
The universe is waiting, patiently, for you.

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Our world


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