Silent Words Strike

Thu, 11/02/2017 - 01:39 -- AbiiiOs

"You need to plan out your goals" 

Was what I told you 

As soon as you held my hand. 

Of course I saw your expression falter 

And your grip on my hand weakened

You looked at me with pleading eyes 

You couldn't say anything 

Silent words strike at such a force

Don't tell me that I didn't see you 

You understand that I had to do this, right? 

This was for your own good

Because I loved you 

Your heart so damaged yet still incandescent 

You gave me everything you had 

I thought I returned the same 

I thought I motivated you

But then when I saw you fall apart 

You helped me open my eyes once more. 

Because I loved you, 

It was today that mattered 

Whatever choice we make 

Can alter our future 

Silent words strike at such a force 

As I hold your hand tighter 

And support you with my love 

I cheer your on for real this time 

And say, "Don't worry- I'm with you" 

Because I loved you.

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