Silent Whispers

WALLS silently whisper to me all the time

WAre Loyal Listening Stations for a lifetime


Why don’t they get a little higher and wide?

So that I could have something on my side


When the dim flames flicker in the fire

I beg them to not extinguish this desire


The flames console me as I complain about their changing shades

They say, ‘At least we aren’t the ones with invisible blades’


Of course they keep on reminding me the danger they might induce

Unlike my friendly foes who know exactly when diplomacy is better to use,


They claim to be my well-wishers too

Like their nature isn’t a shade of more than one hue


They think their conspiracies would tear me apart

Forgetting that song of death ends with ‘Nothing lasts forever’ part


This poem is about: 
Our world


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