The Silent War


United States
39° 22' 29.838" N, 104° 54' 13.842" W

I have a problem,
Day by day I am consumed;
My legs are thicker, waist is bigger,
She's over it they presume;
But they don't know about the war in my mind,
For it wasn't the three-step curable kind;
It's easy to push away what you can't see,
They don't know it slowly creeps into me;
I fight with food,
So silly they think,
So I eat and I binge,
Then starve when they blink.
I'm at a war with me,
I eat and I gorge,
Sometimes to the point I consider a purge;
Instead, because of the regret,
I'll starve the next day,
Trying to make myself forget,
Then I'll do it all over again;
I'm in a battle with myself that's always beginning
And sometimes I'm winning,
And sometimes I'm winning.


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