Silent Thoughts

Silent Thoughts


That’s all they are

That’s all I make.

Will they ever be any more?

Will they ever be any less?

Will I, the thought maker, ever make them what I want them to be?

To be heard,

Not just by one

Not just by few.


They need to escape, these thoughts

My mind is a prison with obvious escape routes  

But the escape can’t be made by myself.

So shake my hand because,

All I need is a chance;

A chance to explain,

A chance to know,

A chance for you to listen.


What happens when they become free?

Is that all it takes?

Will the freedom make my world and the rest of the world change?

Or would it lack the ability to rearrange?

The future is uncertain but that won’t stop me

Nothing will stop me not even my thoughts.

My goals are present

Which I will give the world as my present.


I sometimes fall;

Sometimes in the mud,

Sometimes on a stray Lego.

These falls almost cause me to stay down

But I get up and brush the pain away

To make it to another day

But when I fall I learn to never walk that same route again.

I learn to avoid what brought me down

I learn to help those that follow behind

Not to lose their track of time

Like the highway man that’s kind.


I say I need to move to the city,

The country life just doesn’t cut it.

I plan to climb the skyscrapers summit


Even with the noise of the city it seems people listen to the silent noises

These noises of young talent

These noises of the future

My noises


So the question is, what makes me tick?

Motivation to proceed

Determination to succeed

And money that’s guaranteed

I feel I or anyone could be whatever they want


I had thoughts of being the president

Not because I like politics

Quite the opposite of those topics

But because it’s far from being microscopic


I would have the power to help the people, like me

To help someone with no one, like me

In this country and every other, like you.


It seems that the “best” and famous in this world aren’t the best

I often think that I could do better than them

Better then who?

Better then Stew.

Better then you.

To make a better product than them

To invest in efficiency better than them

Then why are they at the most prestigious positions?

Is it a mixture of connections and corruptions? 


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