A silent prayer

eyes filled with tears , she checked again and again

dread burned in her stomach

she sat on the cold tile floor of the bathroom

clutching the test


she found the courage to tell him

and his words slapped her in the face

he didnt care;

she was alone


she arrived at her parents doorstep

she cried, begging for forgiveness

but was pushed away

with words of "this is your mistake"


as she walked home

to her silent, empty apartment

despair and sorrow 

clawed at her throat


as burning tears washed down her tired face

she held her growing stomach.

she walked to the balcony, four floors up

and thought of how easy it would be to end everything


with nowhere else to go,

she turned to the one place that promised solace

and as she sat in the back pew

she felt peace for the first time in months


She began to know God

and her courage grew day by day

the child inside her

would indeed have a father


life will be hard, this she knows

and as she is wheeled into the delivery room

she grits her teeth through the pain

and she says a silent prayer







This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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