The Silent Ones

If a magic lamp ever fell

into my hands 

the genie said three wishes still stand

others may wish for

power,fame,or money

but not me

I would make a charitable offer

and not fall into the devilish hands of greed

I would change the lives of the

silent ones

who put their tired foot forward,place a grin on their selfless face,work thier finger to the bone,

and always take less

right down to nothing for themselves

because they never want their precious kids to go without

yes the single mothers

who walked through hell and back,would carry stones on their back sides,

and walk on glass if needed

just so their kids never starved 

the silent ones

that work two jobs,raise three kids,cook dinner,pay bills,

and still help with homework

all on their own

because these days

father is a rare phrase

the silent ones

that go to bed with a heavy heart,worried mind,and swollen eyes

from crying knowing they can't provide all that their kids need

the silent ones

who are over looked,under appreciated,and underestimated  cause

when all odds seem against them they put

their tired foot forward,place a grin on their selfless face,and work thier finger to the bone

just to hit the poverty line

so genie please pick me

I promise their will be no greed

let the magic lamp fall into my hands

my only wish would be

to help single moms 


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