The silent man / hunted

Rich man old man parked by the stream , all those million dollar dreams ,turned into federal nightmares. Flurry anal litics everything you do is all for benifit of screwing you, you poor boy, mama and papa were still bathing you till u were in your teens, never said a thing cause dressing up in mamas dress was always a wet dream. Big macho man parked by the river no more dreams cause reality going to find you feds coming to get you for child trafficking , alt control delete not fast enough feds coming to get you . Alt control delete not fast enough, mr glenn mcflurry or axle flurry do you write queer poems for ash vernon queer written poems recited by a girl to +ashamed. Alt control delete now you wrote how your in love , really and shes over 18 teen . mr flurry i said, wow who are you talking bout her name is axle flurry the same girl that keeps all your followers mostly in there teens, shes the one that keeps my followers mostly in there teens chasing after me..oh mr.flurry living parked by a stream axle flurry flurry flames isn't that your step daughter , what does that mean your now sleeping with Lea going to take the place of her mother , your a cold mother fucker stay away from me were you not brought up with any manners, now I see how all your dreams became federal nightmares for chasing after teens . How much longer till these feds come and ask me bout the man and his daughter this is how they started operation Not sorry ..real talk I'm going to see you on the Jerry springer show the man who slept with Mom daughter and step son started in red bluff now you think it's normal living in OAKLAHOMA

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My community
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