The Silent Killer

Jonathan Murray

"The Silent Killer"


The silent killer to all I fear

Is one where no one is in the clear.

Pressing thoughts and pure emotion

Can put one’s life in slow motion.


Day by day with nothing to show

Nothing to disrupt the flow.

The past is filled with deep regrets,

The future seems like a creeping test.


Depression wears too many faces.

It has turned up in so many cases.

Impossible to pick these people from a crowd.

They cover up their feelings, like a shroud.


Will I make it through this day?

Is something they might say.

Sinking lower as time goes by.

Their minds telling them they should die.


Suicide is never the answer.

The mind is invaded like a cancer.

Sad thoughts flood the brain,

As one gets ready to pass the pain. ]


Suicide is very deceiving

It doesn’t stop the grieving

The people you love will suffer the pain

They will look at themselves to take the blame.


People with depression decide to hide

Their feelings and emotions inside.

A person carrying a heavy load,

Their minds so full, they could explode.


Seeking help before it’s too late

Can offer you a new, clean slate.

You never need to do it alone

It’s as easy as picking up the phone


This is an important thing to do

Because people have the same problems as you

Many people can relate

It’s not too late to change your fate


The least expected are the people affected.

They are the ones that are disconnected.

The silent killer to all I fear Is one

where no one is in the clear.


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