Silent Hill

Legs folded and bent.
Eyes and mouth closed.
Ears opened to the whisper of dreams told by the wind.
This silent hill speaks mysterious wonder.
The wind tells me its daily problems of trying to push down cobble stone walls. 
The deranged clouds confused on if they should cry or move on.
Speaking to the sun as if its my own personal diary, because I don't know anything else that will remain consistent and non judgemental.
Watching the grass on top of the hill fearlessly being herself changing colors. 
Singing along with the birds as I envy their carefree flying. Legs folded and bent.
Eyes and mouth closed.Ears opened to the whisper of dreams told by the wind.Listening to the hill tell me the truth about how to handle life.How to walk through life without a candle and just go through the pain when I bump into something because it only last a while. Instead of waiting long just for a temporary light that will blow out.To admire the blessing around me because no one else will.To smile at what's behind you and welcome what's in front of you. This silent hill speaks so loudly..


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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