Silent Grave

Oh unsteady shapes haunting out the night

cold darken sea is a silent grave to me ,

Dark Angels eyes showed clouded sight to mine

lost in his own darkness that holds fast in his ways

his temptation rise deep in haze for me,


In late autumn breeze I could feel magic out on sea

that old darken powers follows me 

like eyes on me at all times 

cold touch had layed upon my face 

tears had been shed like rain 

voices cry out in so much pains 

the sounds of ''kicking and screaming,''

But I could never see a thing ,


In the ship we all do sail on an autumn night of Hell

I could hear ringing bells from far 

but could never see where it came from 

the fog is thick holding tricks of the night

making so much fright 

then a voice cried out saying 

Drive my sadden thoughts over the the sea

and then let it come back to me 

with an unextinguished heart 

words will turn into ashes in the dark,


Then A stronger voice came over to me 

saying ''Moonlight'' do not worry I am with you

that is when a Raven came near for me to see

he has red yellow eyes shining in the night 

looking at me as if the Raven was the one talking to me 

But as soon as I started walking towards the raven 

it flown away in the fog of the night 

but the voice kept saying ; I know you can hear me 

the Dark Angel out of no where appeared ,


He walked over to me handing me a glase of win

saying drink to our love Moonlight

Please don't say a word ,Just drink my love 

so you will understand all my commands

then he kissed and tasted my tears

then said if you ever get the strength to leave

I will find you and that will not be a good thing for you 

So drink and sleep Moonlight don't say a word 

let me walk you to your room .


Poetic Lilly Emery (c)





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