Silent empowerment

Silent but impassioned
Falling on deaf ears
Taking on forms that will never be experienced
I stare into glazed eyes waiting for acknowledgement but there is none to be found
I disintegrate in my room like old produce on the back of the shelf where no one dare reach
I lay like a broken bird
Clutching at my wings, already coming to terms with the fact that they will never pump again
Did they ever work in the first place?
I don't know
All my life I've been shot down, invalidated, quieted, talked over, looked over, ignored, pushed back, set aside, dulled in the shadow cast by the light of the bigger and better gems
I am an invisible voice carried on the wind at frequencies too high for even a stray mutt to catch
When I write for others, the content becomes a jumble of pretty words to pacify the likes of "potential readers"
When I write for myself, the resulting composition is a vulgar pattern of words that act as a blade allowing the essence of my being to flow out with my blood in the form of letters and punctuation
LISTEN to me!
I am the epitome of forever alone 
Floating on the waves of an ocean constructed of my own tears that lies at the bottom of a tiny flower seen only as a drop of dew
I rage like a venom inside the veins of those who see me but chose not to hear, they think I'll go away if they pretend I don't exist 
And maybe one day, that is how I will disappear
Listen to me!
I have mass and am made up of elements so why am I so different?
Is it the will to keep going no matter how many times crushed?
Or is it the fact that no matter who ignores, I continue to make sounds in order to struggle to keep my eyes above the waves?
Me thinks I was born a broken bird and shall always remain so
It is no use trying to fight it
Listen to me.
I have hopes and dreams, aspirations and loves
I am not a wisp of air that barely emerged before it floated away
listen to me....
If anyone would care to listen, I have many things to say
My whispers are not filled with remorseful chanting, but with heated, passionate thoughts
If anyone would care to hear, there is much to be learned
Those children you see fading into the stains on the walls are not mousy quiet freaks, but intelligent leaders taking a back seat for now only to gather data and devour knowledge for future use
If anyone is there to eavesdrop, they would find themselves surprised
That boy who never spoke and always kept his distance, practiced and became the world renowned lawyer who got you a shortened sentence
That girl who no one knew was even in their class and was always reading, studied and became the brain surgeon that saved your life by removing your tumors even though you thought of her as one
Listen all around you and you will be shocked at how loud and proud the quiet and unconfident really are
So, listen to me....
You never know what I could become


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