The Silent Bully

Flesh and bone

that wonders through the land

killing emotions

environment unaware of the circumstance.


The mighty hand

that shuts the mouth of the masses

closing every door

to opportunities unknown.


The invisible mannequin

that stands still

disguised as good

but no heart knows the truth.


The outburst of expired rain

that makes flowers bad in a good pot

turning every dream into truth

and the walls closing in on every soul.



A closed mouth, a closed destiny

due to the foolishness of man

the wickedness of the earth

and the wrong grouping of priorities.


The reason for a mysterious death

The reason for worrying homes

Can’t we try to stop this?

Can’t we try?


The strong wind

that blows away good vibes

instead of skirts

but never agrees to cease.


Every parted heart

Every crushed soul

Every broken home

Nobody cares, nobody knows.


One severe disease

that transforms every life negatively

Investigations and experiments undertaken

but to no avail.


The voice that cracks in a microphone

but never in the natural

the cold that burns

the heat that freezes.            


The abject lack of discipline

and uncultured result of folks

In the noise, no one can hear

In the silence, everybody fears.


When the morning comes after the evening

The good man scrapes the walls

Dissolving heavy human burdens

That will still come back on board


The Silent Bully

is happy

The hidden treasure

rots inward and is never found.

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