Silent Accomplice


United States
34° 0' 11.4444" N, 118° 18' 29.5308" W

Window sills covered in dust opened to a fresh summer breeze,
An overwhelming joy as I am cooled from the heat.
I lie with sticky sweat thighs and books,
Until the days of summer shorten.

But In the battles of my imagination,
I am Shaken, the sound of weapon,
Hitting flesh rips in my ears.
Deep howling cries echo to my heart,
As grunted threats muffle,
The sound of innocent pain.

Fiction turned to reality,
Before my crimeless eyes.
What do I do? Call for help?
Do I have a right?
Who would listen?

Fear Overwhelms and shamefully I close the window.
I bury myself in the worlds of peace and imagination,
And ignore the voices of pain.
The crime unfolding on my watch,
Blameless eyes turned to accomplice in crime.

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