It was quite..just for a second, forgot about everything that was surrounding me,I felt myself struggling to move my feet because I was so weak at the knees.I could still hear the echoing of her voice..her beautiful voice,I could still feel her warmth around my shoulders..and hit me, like a ton of bricks that I would have to live my life normally knowing that you're gone now.I would have done anything to spend another second with you here I ...know that I'm being selfish that crying isn't going to bring you back,because if I was to ever truly know a life with love its knowing the feeling of losing the ones you place dearly into your heart.A gasping breath of mine in pain won't compare the suffering  of silence that you withheld for such time.                                                                                                Oh and here I am running from the painful truth that death can come to me at anytime now a ticking time bomb waiting to be released into a black hole struggling to find a light that will bring me closer to your humming melody of 'sweeeeet liiiifeeee'.                 There it was the moment I was dreading,      Heads turned and I was sure of it, their lips all moving at once uttering in comparison " go and run into the corners of the earth searching for meaningless treasures,which you know is nothing to what you have in heaven", Silence pain.....silenced pain...I've reached for the clouds and held her blood up to the sky and cried "silence my pain!! Silence her pain!!" , crashing back down into the dark pits of what they all called 'rock bottom.' I was sure of it.  I felt peace...pain...stopped screaming...silence ran away...and i was left with nothing but bones and empty condolences..what's peace without her , what's peace when crying leaves nothing but prints on the rock floor she's sleeping her restless body on.           They all lied.. Time never silenced my pain I just learned to put the cracks of my teeth together to form what was a Broken smile that left a million questions unanswered..

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