The Silence Is Shattered

That jolt of recognition,
is this what it feels like to hear?
Waves of sounds crashes down on her.
It overwhelms her in a sea of
rhythmic thumps.
A jumbled mess,
that her brain tries to sort out.
Her fingers tremble,
as they come up and cover her mouth.
A gasp,
puffs of laughter,
the intake of breath.
Who is making those sounds?
It's her!
She laughs again,
testing the chime of her own voice.
It's beautiful.
Tears wet her cheeks,
washing away her doubts.
The fear of high expectations,
only to be let down.
The confinements of her mind are shattered.
Broken to pieces by advanced technology.
Man has made sound.
Even silence seems to have its own unique noise.
The click of a door.
The ticking of a clock.
She has been reborn.
A new world has opened up
and all she has to do is listen.
Listen to the soundtrack of life.
Listen to what she has missed out on for twenty-seven years.


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