Silence to My Generation

Words to be spoken as I watch this world.

A monologue of not superiorism, but realism.

We can talk with our big words and be supercilious,

But let's get serious. For all the words,

What are you saying?

You like playing this game where you say nothing with a thousand syllables...

But there's no principle.

What do you say when we're dying away?

What do you say when the game is changed by he pain that we feel?

What do you say when this thing becomes real?


that silence is what you say when another boy is shot.

When a girl gets pregnant and then is forgot.

When we're poor or starving or on the street.


I pray The Lord my soul to keep

Cause you're so caught in your wordly desires,

You've lost the fire to inspire. You are a liar.

You've lied to yourself, tried to forget

the destiny you've been given. Do you regret?

Regret turning your back on the track that saved your life, gave you life.

but instead of saying that you've done wrong,

Adressing this violence, this distress, You want to forget

Let me tell you what you said...



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